The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (2024)


  • Bedrock is now as customizable as Java with community-made skins and add-ons, changing game behaviors and content.
  • Add-on community for Bedrock puts in great work to create modifications that are game-changing and immersive.
  • Mods like Skill Book, AdvancementPack, and Security Protection Blocks enhance your Bedrock experience.

One of the main arguments in Java vs. Bedrock wars (which came before Mojang started distributing both copies to anyone who bought either) was that Java was far more customizable than Bedrock. But now, Bedrock has gained a new level of customization with its robust community-made skins as well as add-ons that can modify the behaviors and content of your game.


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If you think Minecraft Bedrock's add-ons are all simple crafting recipes or behavior changes for vanilla resources, you have another thing coming; the add-on community for Bedrock has put in a great amount of work to make compelling modifications that can be just as game-changing or immersive as modifications in Minecraft Java.

Updated June 6, 2024, by William Quick: Of all the kinds of Minecraft that exist, the Bedrock Edition is arguably the most well-known due to how adaptable it is. This edition has appeared on multiple platforms and consoles so that more people can get easy access to the blocky universe. Because of that, a lot of modders try to add their own touches to change it even more or make it more efficient. Check out some of these add-ons to add more to your Minecraft Bedrock experience.

18 Skill Book

More To Read, More To Learn

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Minecraft has a lot in its universe, but the actual beings roaming around it don't have as many powers and abilities as they could have. There's magic, crafting, and tools to take advantage of the possibility and show off your creativity. As such, we need mods to help us build on what could be.

Thus, we arrive at the Skill Book drafted by fieryabyss, which is yours to read on the bedrock. Adding this text to the game gives you over 14 new skills to learn for both combat and movement. You can use stealth to sneak up on enemies or other players while double-jumping over all the block-based obstacles and terrain.

17 AdvancementPack

Advancing The UI Pack

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (3)

The word "advance" used to have so much power behind it, and while it still draws our attention, it doesn't have the same impact anymore. It's all about how we use this word to enhance what we're working on. Whether it's a game sequel, a portable game console, or a mod for Minecraft Bedrock.

You can see how r4isen1920 is trying to do this with the Advancement Pack. The biggest thing it does is bring Java elements to this version of the game, including those nice informative pop-ups telling us all the cool things that are happening and what we're doing. It even gives you a convenient Logbook to track your progress.

16 Security Protection Blocks

Block Out Danger

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (4)

A few minutes into the world of Minecraft will show you just how dangerous the environment and all the mobs wandering around it can be. There are some things you can do to protect yourself, such as digging a hole and hiding in it or building a simple box and hiding in it. There are more advanced options and mods to help out with that.

By using the Security Protection Blocks add-on by Realtern, you can do more to protect what belongs to you and your allies. It introduces a Friend System to bring your friends to certain areas marked by your protection blocks. Then you can have practical defenses like Locked Doors and classic villain stuff like Trapdoors to really show that you're serious.

15 More Simple Structures

Simplifying Construction

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (5)

Finding structures is one of the most satisfying parts of the Minecraft experience; nothing can compare to the feeling of discovering a mine shaft after a long day of exploring dank caves. But if you've played enough Minecraft to have seen it all, More Simple Structures by iKorbon is a great way to shake things up.


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This add-on introduces not only a cavalcade of new structures but also mobs, foods, and even functional block types. All this content is made to feel as vanilla as possible, increasing the variety of locations in the world without changing the core gameplay too much.

14 Portal Gun

Thinking With Portals

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (7)

The Portal Gun add-on by Amon28 shows off just how robust Minecraft Bedrock's custom content can get, boasting recreations of items and structures from the Portal universe that simultaneously match Minecraft's style without losing the spirit of the original designs.

The crowning achievement of this add-on is the item for which it's named; the Portal Gun is fully functional, coming in different flavors that change the color and style of the portal shot. With all the structures included in the pack, you can build entrances to your base, systems to hide your most valuable possessions, or custom testing chambers that require the Portal Gun to complete.

13 Waypoints

The Point Of Finding Your Way

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (8)

The expansiveness of Minecraft's sandbox is something that's generally hit or miss: though many enjoy the added challenge of navigating the world with limited information, some get overwhelmed by how easily they can get lost. If you have trouble traveling more than a few feet from your base, the Waypoints add-on by O CHETTY O is here to save you.

Waypoints are accessed through a crafted book, which is made of complex materials to avoid ruining the early-game progression — you still need to work to some extent if you want the right to mark locations and teleport, but once you do, you can focus more on the process and less on getting lost.

12 Furnicraft 3D Block

Crafting Furniture In 3D

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (9)

Furniture is one of the features that the Minecraft developers have said they're never adding, meaning if you want custom furniture, your only hope is in modifications. Thankfully, ROBERTGAMER69 has introduced the Furnicraft 3D Block add-on so that you never have to go without it.

The add-on includes an avalanche of seating elements, light sources, and decorations that can make any house, town, or country you build look classy and interesting. There's even a crafting table you can make to bring these designs to survival, as easy as pumpkin pie.

Filling Out The Garage

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (10)

Are you getting tired of the six standard tool types? Do you think it makes no sense that copper can't be shaped into tools? Do you wish for a new wave of materials to fill the Minecraft caves? Then More Tools by SorYPMod is for you. This add-on includes hundreds of new tools that feel as though they were plucked straight out of an upcoming update.


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The new tool types introduce weapons that are more powerful than the sword, like the hammer or battleaxe, which will complete your appearance while putting numbers on your enemies. Additionally, this add-on gives you brand-new types of armor for all the new materials, giving you more options when preparing for your fight with the Warden.

10 Serp Pokedrock

Building Up Pokemon

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If you've ever felt like you were missing out on Java's Pixelmon, then fear no more: Zacek el Serpentín has got you covered with the Serp Pokedrock add-on, bringing Pokemon and Pokemon-themed buildings to your newest world. They've even added Professor Oak to get you started on your brand-new Pokemon adventure.

But don't think this all stops at just the pocket monsters; this add-on has NPCs as well. Team Rocket will be prowling the world in search of a fight, so prepare your best team and give it a shot. They've further included a new role for the nitwit villager, who will trade combat badges and coins for useful items.

9 Vampire Craft - Thirst For Blood

Blood-Type B... Stands For Block

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (13)

Vampire Craft - Thirst For Blood by pedro_denovoZ is an add-on that introduces the powerful vampire and werewolf transformations, allowing you to use their respective abilities in your quest to survive and beat the Ender Dragon. Though there are some polishing issues, the overall package is extremely compelling thanks to the numerous abilities and features included to shake up your life as a nocturnal bloodsucker.

Throughout progression, you can unlock abilities through bottles of blood and specific items dropped by rare mobs. You might stumble around burning in the sunlight at first, but you'll end up the lord of all vampires when all is said and done.

8 Mutant Creatures

The World Is Changing

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (14)

The original Java Mutant Creatures mod was already a fairly terrifying experience, with deformed creatures roaming around the world and presenting a constant threat to any survival player they cross. Unfortunately, JujuStyle7 has adapted the mod to Bedrock as the Mutant Creatures add-on, which includes not only the original beasts but new terrors to make your life even more stressful.

The new additions stay rather faithful to the original style of the Mutant Creatures mod, deforming Piglins and Zombie Piglins in the image of the Mutant Zombie and bringing forth Mutant versions of the beloved Axolotl. Thankfully, there are also new mutated friends to help you survive in the form of the Mutant Wolf and Mutant Iron Golem.

7 World Animals

Expanding The Bestiary

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (15)

Sometimes what you need is a more dynamic and interesting world, one which will surprise you as much as the vanilla overworld did on your first playthrough. This is where World Animals by ArathNido comes in. The add-on does exactly what it says on the package, adding animals from all over the world to your Minecraft experience.


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The number of wild animals this add-on introduces is staggering, but the real boon is the animals you can ride and bring along on your adventures. You could also kill them if you have no soul, but be careful; these animals might bite back.

6 Star Wars Vehicles

Time For A Trench Run

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (17)

Star Wars has some of the coolest vehicles in the media, which is why it's hard to blame anyone who would want to try to ride around in them. The Star Wars Vehicle add-on by Treeminator Creations allows you to do just that, porting over several iconic (and less-than-iconic) vehicles from everyone's favorite story about space wizards.

The vehicles in this add-on all come from the Clone Wars era, so don't look out for X-Wings or Tie Fighters — still, there are a variety of cool vehicles worth riding here. One of the coolest is the AT-RT, which is a bipedal land vehicle that can get you anywhere you want to go in style.

5 Realight (Or Dynamic Lighting)

Light It Up

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (18)

Any dynamic lighting mod is a good idea regardless of the version you're on; the ability to conserve resources just by holding a torch is a feature that should already be in Minecraft, which is why there are so many dynamic lighting add-ons currently available for the Bedrock edition. One of the most popular and consistent ones is Realight by XG.

It's difficult to overstate just how useful a dynamic lighting add-on is for caving — throwing down any light source will illuminate the area that it occupies, meaning you can throw torches into pits to get an idea of their depth and danger level. It can also keep the area where your items are dropped upon death illuminated for you to find.

4 True Backpacks

Packing Up Your Stuff

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (19)

If you're having trouble getting to the point where you can hold multiple Shulker Boxes at once, True Backpack by TrueCowboy is a great low-level way of managing your inventory. Thankfully, it doesn't take a chest slot to wear; it's a pickup-and-go item that can be accessed on the ground like a chest or while it's on your back.

You can keep items like buckets and fishing rods in your backpack's UI slots, storing them and showing them off on your backpack's model. There are even different types of backpacks you can create that are more useful as the game progresses.

3 Strat's Food Expansion

More To Munch

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (20)

Food and its preparation is a fairly underdeveloped aspect of Minecraft, boiling down to growing crops, mindlessly shoving them into the oven, and collecting huge stockpiles of the same four meals by mid-game. With Strat's Food Expansion by Stratospheer, though, you can finally live out your dreams of being a world-class chef (in Minecraft, of course).


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On top of adding new foods, Strat's Food Expansion also makes cooking more complicated overall. For any Minecraft veteran, the change to bread will be the most shocking — you now have to grind wheat and craft dough rather than just stick wheat on the crafting table. If you're looking for a more complex food experience, this is the add-on for you.

2 Item Physics

Now Game Things Are Pawns Of Science

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (22)

Let's get one thing straight: item physics is just plain fun. Any fan of Half-Life or Garry's Mod could tell you that much — if you love games where you can throw items and watch them flop about, then the Item Physics add-on by Coptaine is for you.

If you install this add-on, just remember that you're probably not going to be so lucky when it comes to item drops above lava; one wrong stroke of the pickaxe and your precious diamonds will be saying their goodbyes, so be sure to use plenty of scaffolding on your mining expeditions.

1 Connected Glass

Transparent Crafting

The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (23)

Creativity with glass can be a bit limiting when every block reminds you that you're working with pieces of glass rather than a consistent pane– it can be incredibly frustrating as a builder, especially if you're trying to nail that modern look. Connected Glass by Habib_Anwash fixes the issue with a new type of glass that will look beautiful and consistent in all your builds.

Glass blocks of different colors don't mix, sadly, but that can lead to interesting designs utilizing non-connected glass blocks and new connected ones. Since the effect works with panes as well, you can mix and match and create textured glass walls with dips and cracks along their surface.


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The 18 Best Addons For Minecraft Bedrock (2024)


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