What To Expect When Purchasing From Pawn America Online (2024)

What To Expect When Purchasing From Pawn America Online (1)

Purchasing from Pawn America online is fast, easy, and safe. Ourpurchasing guide will walk you through every step of the online pawn shop buying process.

Online shopping is growing and taking a larger piece of consumer spending from in-store shopping in most retail categories, but what about pawn shops? Can you buy from pawn shops online? You bet you can!Pawn America offers thousands of items for sale online. Of course, buying previously owned items online is a little different than shopping at your favorite online big-box retailer. We have created this purchasing guide to walk you through every step of the buying process, from the best things to buy at pawn shops to how to negotiate a purchase at a pawn shop.

Can You Negotiate the Price Of Pawn Shop Merchandise?

The value of every item that Pawn America sells is established based on the item's popularity, demand, and condition. Additionally, jewelry may also be valued based on the current market price of precious metals and gemstones. Pawn America prices are fair and usually offer significant savings compared to current retail prices. For these reasons, all Pawn America prices are firm and non-negotiable.

How Does Buying From a Pawn Shop Work?

Purchasing from Pawn America is very similar to purchasing from any other online retailer. Let's break down the pawnshop online buying experience, so you know exactly what to expect from your Pawn America online shopping experience.

What To Expect When Purchasing From Pawn America Online (2)

Shopping Cart

ThePawn America online store is stocked with the latest items from all seventeenPawn America stores. Inventory is updated daily, so you will always find the best deals on merchandise, including fine jewelry, electronics, household appliances, top tech items, power tools, home and garden, musical instruments, hunting and fishing, unique collectibles, and much more. Our massive inventory is organized into convenient departments for an easy browsing experience. Search for a specific item, browse the entire collection, and add things you want to purchase to your online shopping cart.

What To Expect When Purchasing From Pawn America Online (3)

Checkout And Payment

When you are ready to make your purchase, simply select your payment method and click the checkout button. We are required to add the appropriate state and local sales tax to orders shipping to addresses in Minnesota or Wisconsin. You will be prompted to enter your shipping information and an email address if you have not done so already. We use the information you provide to ship your items and provide your order and shipment details.

What To Expect When Purchasing From Pawn America Online (4)

Order Confirmation

Once you have completed the online checkout process, you will receive your first order confirmation email at the email address you provided to us during the initial registration process or at the time of checkout. Be sure to add Pawn America to your address book and check your spam folder if you don’t see an email from Pawn America in your inbox. The initial confirmation will act as your purchase receipt, providing an itemized list of the merchandise purchased and proof of payment. You will receive a second email once your items have shipped.
What To Expect When Purchasing From Pawn America Online (5)

Packaging, Shipping, and Tracking Your Order

Pawn Americaonline orders are processed within 1 to 2 business days. We ship all items via USPS or FedEx standard shipping but also offer Expedited Shipping options for a small fee. We want you to be thrilled with your Pawn America purchase so we carefully pack every item to ensure that your merchandise is not damaged in transit. Orders over $99 qualify for free shipping. We are currently only able to ship within the continental United States. You will receive a confirmation email providing all the shipping details and tracking information once your merchandise has been packaged and transferred to the shipping provider. You can track your shipment at any time on thePawn America website. Simply click “Track My Order” and enter the tracking number provided in your shipping confirmation.

Buy Online and Pickup In-Person

If you live near of one of our Pawn America stores, you can eliminate shipping charges completely by taking advantage of our free in-store pickup.You can take up to 5 days from the date of purchase to collect your item, and items are available for pick-up as early as the day of purchase depending on the time of day your order was placed! Be sure to bring in your valid ID, the credit card used to purchase your item and your order confirmation email (we accept a printed copy of the confirmation or the version shown on your phone). Simply sign a pick-up receipt and take your purchase home.

Pawn America Store Locations


In Minnesota, you can find us in Robbinsdale, Burnsville, Roseville, Fridley, St. Cloud, Duluth, Rochester, Bloomington, Anoka, Coon Rapids, West St. Paul, and Mankato.


In Wisconsin, visit us in Appleton, Madison, West Allis, and Milwaukee.

Can Pawn America Online Purchases Be Returned?

We want you to have an excellent shopping experience! We offer a money-back guarantee on all products (except items designated as “As Is,” “For Parts,” or “Not Working”).

Pawn America Return Policy

We offer a 10-day money-back guarantee from the purchase date for in-store pick-up orders and a 15-day money-back guarantee from the purchase date on shipped orders.

Are Return Shipping Costs Refundable?

The Pawn America return policy does not include return shipping costs unless the product is confirmed as defective by Pawn America. If your product is damaged or does not operate properly, please contact the originating store location as soon as possible.

Is Shopping At Online Pawn Shops Safe?

Pawn America, like all pawn shops, is subject to strict federal and state regulations which protect consumers from unsavory business practices.

Federal And Local Regulations Protect Online Pawn Shop Buyers

Pawn America complies with all federal laws including those found in The United States Patriot Act, The Truth in Lending Act, The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, plus The Federal Trade Commission’s Rules on Data Privacy and Security Transfer. Transactions involving the sale of guns and other weapons are subject to additional rules and regulations established by The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

What To Expect When Purchasing From Pawn America Online (2024)


What To Expect When Purchasing From Pawn America Online? ›

Pawn America online orders are processed within 1 to 2 business days. We ship all items via USPS or FedEx standard shipping but also offer Expedited Shipping options for a small fee.

Can you negotiate the price on Pawn America? ›

The prices we offer are fair for all parties involved and though we might be able to counter-offer you a few bucks more with some negotiating, at the end of the day our offers are firm for a reason.

What not to say at a pawn shop? ›

DON'T: Do not point out flaws in an item you want to purchase. This is just rude to the pawnbroker who spends their time assessing the value of the item and has years of experience doing it. Do you think you're better at pricing secondhand items than them? Perhaps not.

Can you return items to Pawn America? ›

Your satisfaction is our primary goal! If for any reason you are not satisfied, we offer a 10-day money back guarantee (unless the product is noted “As Is” or “For Parts” or “Not Working”) from date of purchase for in-store pick-up orders and 15-day money-back guarantee from date of purchase on shipped orders.

What's the most a pawn shop will pay? ›

Most pawn shops offer loan amounts of 25% to 60% of your collateral's value. Be aware that pawn shops have high APRs that can make them one of the most expensive options to borrow money.

How long does Pawn America take to ship? ›

All orders are processed within 1-2 business days and are shipped with either USPS or UPS standard shipping.

How much will a pawn shop come down on price? ›

Most pawn shops do negotiate for sales – but don't expect to get more than 60% of the value of your item. Remember – their end goal is to resell your item for a profit. They don't care about the sentimental value or history, or even the unique details that add value.

Why should you be careful of pawn shops? ›

The first is that you default on your loan and lose your item. If you don't mind losing your item, the second risk is that you don't get good value for the item you gave up in order to default on your loan.

What do pawn shops not buy? ›

5 Things Not to Sell to a Pawn Shop
  • Illegal Goods. You'd be surprised how many criminals try to take their stolen or illegal goods into a pawn shop and exchange them for cash. ...
  • VCRs and VHS Tapes. ...
  • Old Mattresses. ...
  • Old Cellphones. ...
  • Cassette Players.

Can you offer less at a pawn shop? ›

Yes you absolutely can negotiate prices at a pawn shop.

What happens if a pawn shop loses your item? ›

Third Person Theft/Lost Property

If a pawnshop is negligent in losing or allowing the property to be stolen by a third person, then it is liable to the customer who gave the property to the pawn shop owner, if they want to pay off the loan and get their property back.

Can you pawn the same item twice? ›

For many pawn shops the answer is yes. While pawn shops keep records of previous loans made, there is often no penalty or issue using the same item multiple times. If you end up needing quick cash multiple times, and you have an item that you are comfortable pawning, it might make sense to pawn the same item again.

Does Pawn America have a grace period? ›

We try to make the pawning process as easy as possible. If you decide to pawn your item, you will be given a term length (subject to individual state laws; usually 30 days plus a 30 day grace period) to return and pay back your pawn loan.

How much will a pawn shop give you for a $1000 item? ›

According to the search results, pawn shops generally offer loans ranging from 25% to 60% of an item's resale value [1]. So, if you were to pawn a $1000 item, you might receive a loan amount between $250 and $600.

What sells for $100 at a pawn shop? ›

What Can You Pawn for $100?
  • Snowboard.
  • Flat-screen TV.
  • Tablet.
  • Bose speakers.
  • Apple watch.
  • Refrigerator.
  • GoPro.
  • Power tools.
Mar 26, 2024

How much can I get for a 50 inch TV at a pawn shop? ›

Pawn shops that buy TVs will also pay more for a bigger screen. If your TV's screen is less than 26 inches, you'd be lucky to get over $50 for it. If your screen is greater than 42 inches, though, a pawnbroker like GEM might offer you over $200, provided the TV is one of the brands mentioned above.

Do pawn shops expect you to haggle? ›

Yes you absolutely can negotiate prices at a pawn shop. In fact, you are expected to negotiate.

Is it cheaper to pawn or sell? ›

Another benefit of selling something to a pawn shop instead of getting a pawn loan is that you typically receive more money for the item. The pawn shop will determine the value and make you a slightly lower offer. After all, it still needs to sell it to make a profit.

Does pawn 1 negotiate prices? ›

Negotiations on loan and purchase amounts are very common during the evaluation process, so feel free to make a counter offer. The pawnbroker cannot proceed with the transaction until you both agree on an amount.

Why do pawn shops lowball? ›

Offering low-ball prices helps sellers get quick cash and the pawn shop large profits. Because the loans and purchase prices offered by pawn shops are usually small, pawnbroker businesses require a low amount of start-up financing from entrepreneurs.


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