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is the civil war so over i'm opposed to say shackles with cost off speaking about the 27th of april 1994 freedoms bells rang across a great country. he reminded people that the union buildings here when nelson mandela meant that it was no good write it in 1994 had for a 100 years. instead, instead stood as a symbol of oppression and wide rule. now they stand as a symbol of freedom. he promised to continue to work towards the visions and ideals of mandela and the other founding fathers of the agency. people like all the time but, and welters, the zulu. but of course many south africans would say those visions and ideals are very far from being met. 32 percent unemployment, it is a society the world bank describes us the most on equal on us and civil run a pose a knows those concerns. only 2. well, it is an election year. the amc is losing ground to other parties. he finished the speech by saying they saw that because democracy is young. what we've achieved in

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this short 30 years. he's something of which all of us to be proud. this country is infinitely better than it was in the united states. hundreds of homes have been damaged shaft or pa, full tornadoes ripped through the midwest. at least 3 people were injured and some 11000 homes without power in the state of nebraska. let me go so i'm sharif, has a detail the moment of to need to touch down in the us state of the town or for ha ha to pick directed entire down the street. there's no houses down there of the street. there's no houses either. it just took everything in about 510 minutes and is gone. this is what's left of the city's airport after today, detached down here, the, the field was temporarily coast passengers been moved to storm shelter as an emergency crews took charge. it was one of separate reported entities, 5 states on friday,

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making it the most active day for tomatoes in the country in more than a year. the area is dealing with power outages and gas leaks. the state of oklahoma was also affected as twist as 22 months of farm land, poplar trees flattened tomes and overturn fee cuz the national weather service has loaned us paul system. so saturday, incentive plans, extending as far as texas consumption eve on 20. and that is the news from out on al jazeera as always, friend, timor, on our website, that on to 0, dot com, the very latest on all the top stories on there. i'll be back with more use right after witness infection in the why have american evangelicals become? is real strong. as backer is us presidential fighting right?

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to stand with israel with no red line. as long as us support continues, is there anything that can stop is real, solve on concept, from going on in? definitely a quizzical look at us politics. the bottom line, the value is that lake city. you know, it was mixed. it did not know those so many legs to be buddies. we destroyed, we all like huge water crisis. one sights, another face whose pollution? because that brings us these, whose population. and on the 1st couple quick updates from bank a little with dense smoke continues to cloud, the billing to lick and the city off to the 5 who called yesterday. it's known for it's a toxic pollutants and full of clothes on the adjoining buddha now has become the common currency, the lake on fire plains,

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reading on the see if you see lake city lakes. do you know a lot of industrial implements sewage on the lot out for a gallery and the implants so many others we do of them leaving it dear. what be ugly as quickly? we should not just to do a visual vision that visual change. we should not blame anyone like governments or anything you'd like to me, god for that. so i don't, didn't go there was a richard drive and suite, you know, each other. we should bring up to governments that we want dyslexia. we want to change the

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cost those within the uh but it good. you gotta think of it, don't. you don't. if we've got to get to the middle of website that you do me, i'm think i'm going to look in and look at her. yeah. but the law, the who loves, i'll fire fire or the i was wondering what is the now we got a lot and you that i like the color, my yellow, the one thought i would love it isn't even the bill. i don't have to do that. i love the armoire. do you are the yes i have a summer and i mean, i'm the person the you know the la la la. i'm going to you the

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body. the 2nd one to be in the collision. right? yeah. go, are you go by the lodge on the oh yeah, i'm getting the on the. yeah i'm, i'm top worked much better. mark, a big movie and mark the lot in the lot number was you guy, you can uh for the you can get a little while ago, but what all, you got flu. lemme then it means what all it's, i'm gonna use that and go to that and get it done here though, you got the new tests or you'll see the end of this list. pin number on the completely does that. there's like, there's more life in it. you guy? yeah. you like or die? bigger? one, that's not going to that. so this leg got is you're not going to be solved right here. the 1st step is like a full of gun page building the dump into another thing is that we're going to be

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as i'm clean. i know that you with all this will be just the last 3 for the i'll do, you know, the thing like that are lot of people, you know, there is, you know, like, you know, various method my method, these like we have the cleaning good. we have good thing what. 1 drawing capacity, so that's all we of course would it be the just if we don't to fill up the equity but then not be watch us. there is no life. there is no, you know me and bang kind of city really become a doodle or does it to the it's by no. okay, so much. thank

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you. thank you so much for that in writing. and so now i'm going to show you a quick me, and i'm going to share you. my presentation site is a 2016. i spent more time on research studying abroad. lakes was being lakes consulting experts and meeting google, google and uh, youtube bava. and all these things i use them. and 2017, i did one leg 36. it goes 2018. i did one link and they got 201992 next like 16 and then 3. it goes to 1000. but until already in our completions as of 4 legs and another 2 legs, i'm working on it this year and go to 6th next. so all the dream is part. if i live by to the, if i know not jim impossible licks, we went to the unit and we wanted to have my surplus watching my country mandation . that is the dream. no, thank you. it

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does. a lot of those job isn't martin is here that no job isn't martin period. not out a when laura holland when the that after the summer. but the family and support martin in it. all the legwork is with each other and being like getting up to and from the appropriate other just designing them, getting the funds and then getting a deposit and next to follow those what they want to do next i was united i'm expecting georgia things to get fill up those legs, the biggest challenging, if likes to be able to do that, if there is no more test, nobody we come follow to this kind of things.

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the last one, no one of the holidays we have one thing. yes. click on the, i'm going to do something differently. so while you defining more of this lick, we can now one cause it won't warranty, therefore, drawing. and a huge money has been invested here. and we all about like this. the only one was about all the tax and do j result from the labels continuously. we are working a high pressure these that i need to probably to complete this project and 9 to this, like a we already know me. definitely just august or september, october the with our huge things. so i don't want to miss that opportunity. the

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close. oh no, no, no. really label. you could have a drug as well as well in that you really want to go. we bought it more than get them within the owner and get updates. you're not gonna get really there, but the legal and stuff. yeah. they, they close my door was one of the did i did the, i'm nicholas. you come in the legal of actually leg supposed to be like want her body is supposed to be on somebody. it does not mean that we will up and make a big deposit into closing the lake. i don't think it is. it goes because as of tomorrow it could be going to be complication. so you can go that i live. i still find it very good in the news on the over the gold and all the kids and all the blinds while doing they're giving money. that's all okay. they're giving me

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a pleasure doing it, but not in the cost of wonder colors are going to be reduced in it. so i in the system that i tell them doesn't know, i'm ready. it's going to be positive one, please. the 2nd one of the ones that have the units that are, you know, i'm going to get them. we talked about how the new a back on monday, the new bundle in the global, your frontier id, those in the, in 1000, in which words there you are. because if you get to the point that we can easily get into the clinic single, we don't get me for the 1st one of which i do the most. i've been caustic area

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though. we tried to segregate, we don't possible so such everything. yeah. this and we have a feeling good this. we put one letter of that one plan. so i wonder if everyone listen to this. there is not exposed to sunlight, is not close to a month. that in fact like log off the legs. i those, those things are people that are going this to me. this is that is the wrong. got put designs on different non technical jump, but up, see those ones. i've got huge the risk dump in. when we lose, you probably lose you how you doing to understand that i always did enough. no, i use it here and that is the only thing. there is a fact to stand for this. it goes, i have to come from is one that the

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quote is in the leg by the and all the samples belongs to the gun and it is a hi. is this to demolition what you were lot that back because what is it? why is it is this k montgomery the because i know they've got to be some religion that anything can happen. we don't know. actually as of know what that would encourage meant that clear you man named lexa. if we have not broken any down, pulse of anything, it is a 1st phenomenon. i also don't have any experience about it. maybe people may go and greet people, it may go upset, and not only that you've missed off my project. ringback all the ones that you need to know, we are having a discussion with the local community. i've already really spoken with them. i. we told them that this was going to be done with this or

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what's no incentive of these eyes. you have taking this land back i, if you can, once the lot of what does is that instead, what does i'm them bring all the legal activities even to both of them when they used to use part of illegal activities. well, you said the reason you brought to see like a poor parts of the day is this all the stuff wasn't worth it, that it isn't. okay. well, let me take a look. when it comes to mix, you have to be polite, happy man, humbly man. you know, saying don't the retail on time what there was situation required to be how to change and we have to react. and to see that, you know, gang started for gas that we should become a gang stuff then only because the

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. ready the, the right thing, but the whole, the bundle that the deal. but the, the, the no, no, no, no, i was even a law that you know, nobody's even the stuff with money. they literally call non amazing guys no later.

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no, nothing was the other day. you have the, you know, right, yeah, yeah, but the guy you moving to now someone in a corporate care, the quote identity. no, no, not a problem, not or not the law. i won't be in tomorrow to say the front of the window . oh no, no, no, no, yeah, no, no numbers are were within the give them a little huh. oh, i could do a month from now. i thought it doesn't let you do on the card on the 19 showing on . when would you like me to come over to you one point dental. okay. did it go through the internet? did not get outlook on the you

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know, i got you one that did that. oh yay. yeah. there are no gaudy. ah yeah. we added the month to month. right? yeah, i don't knock it down to what's gonna then wouldn't bundle got lucky me when i looked into incorrect this time. it's amazing. not conflict. everything with on us. easy way is the best. the best part is i can make a move to act any stairs, government deluxe, certain totally, you know, sooner than the agents in the capacity that's in their mind. but so what some, i don't know, i gotta do is just in that, you know, go to school and get a little blue book a couple months ago, the model number in it with this beautiful gloves going to go to school. and then again, i'm going to do now what i, you know, i'm pulling them this year and it has the name of the model of the company that you want to do. but i black spots on the corner and all sure to compare their short

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to company to you with the mileage. and again, you want to get those i've done. and now some are on the more than a lot so sure. and you get a boot a day that more the need one that i needed one, the other thing, the more thing that they thought i didn't want them but but yeah, but not for them that maybe they act based on that one. there's another, believe it get it done up in front of it, a new kind of that might have been a lot. it's not there like a one man show help and deal people with you. one is it gives you an edge and also this up with it. that helped me there was standing with me in all the aspect subsequently did take it off this like i these unit edition 3 years back. they have the people who is backing me up is why like the last 2 years? no. dyslexia, assistant the

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one the or you can say, what is, what on the other side of the other day, i thought you're gonna get it all are doing better, i'm doing, but the late getting better and getting the i'm just plain go to that we have not doing with the bad intentions we're not doing with the anything that the hopefully to the know who the speciality. we are

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doing it because this temple is not late and there is no start doing it. there is no unique, full size happening because of that i'm done with this in you. so you have to, you me for was just me. i'm doing cause me because nature is you're because of the sense that 10 minutes i'm not getting it, but i'm not going to be able to close to a check. so i got that. usually i've had them all now they would have definitely got the the,

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the, the i'm not afraid of. i'm not upset because i'm not doing anything. i've got to confirm that with them. i'm done. one of the thing is i'm due to them. i just bought it inside the printer. that's very locked on the new one . when i'm using the

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soviet, i know why i put some of the 2 more because i know the bigger than what is more than i can really blow up and close it up next to the side. one thing you see, god, nature is one on and off really quick to the normal investment, normal in the name of god knows that and some good that and can let them live. so we are doing today nature which are all the gods we have pleading them that please fill up. the slick needs a whatever works we have, then we need to walk them on dealing with there is no full for that. there is no value for this. nick,

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there is no value fund. my work is on same sex with the money, you know? yeah. nobody can fill up the lake only we can comes to the lake. we can clear this. took to the only nic filling job is made to so i see september and october will pull up this link. and once it gets pulled up for next 3 to 4 years, i don't tell anybody the

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very news my life really is like life. i need to be connected to the beauty from awesome. very happy

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the get if you got them in the shop you know, do you nobody does that. you don't always talk to you today are used to doing good . i mean good. i like are the middle of your local, are you able to do this? but if i you the ones we don't know, i'm old. i don't know what all is the depth of the explain to me how to explain what reason why i talked to gave me not just the only 3 bullets we'll get. i didn't

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know what bill is going to do. we help 6 feet then next month to no problem 5. you know, like i'm just going to the judge. father, all ecology in the, they like be much your person and, but collision because of the top do what does this lake water holding capacity? and so it's about 11 like $50000.00 cubic metropolis, which can cat does more than those. so when do you really just bored was know which can you know be the main source for drinking water. so i don't think the place is way in those guys and those very much connected with with that me just because know we what card we switch these to get to be fight. we to dig a lot of good through this, but the end up today. this is be, these are the

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countless refugees. the english channel is more than a body of water. it's the final spring in a desperate journey. a remarkable 1st time the account of a young tracy on some seemed his brother's life as he sofas li. so to provide for his family. a vote scared witness on that jersey. it's a school day in taiwan. but it's too dangerous for peoples of this school in on, in to return to class repairs needed here could cost more than $6000000.00 toilets . and this is just one of those. and this is public buildings damaged by an

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earthquake. some residential buildings are also beyond repair. this apartment building was one of the most severely damaged. it needs to be demolished before it completely collapses. despite the $7.00 magnitude string to fios quake the damage is relatively contained. so let's say that's thanks to taiwan is designed to prepare this food and it's strict building codes in depth analysis of the days headlines that is the failure to free the captive still being held by him. i asked how difficult a moment is this for the prime minister netanyahu is trying to stay in differently as 5 minutes to know that to stay possibly out of j. frank assessments, how to relations decline between them is uh, and the united states of america. the crux of the matter is, is choice of ministry partners, and specifically russia inside story. on al jazeera, the

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colleges when the police in the us detain at least 100 protesters at a university in boston, while the student led movement against the war on gaza, spreads across the country. the vouchers. here i live from dough home for the batch, also coming up. thousands of people on the streets of london in support of thomas to me ends in calling for an end is rounds war on gaza. and he's really s y case ross. i a southern gaza.

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